Spark Alpha

Helping organizations unlock competitive edge

How We Unlock Competitive Edge

Optimize core competencies

Integration to maintain and extend competitive advantage

Identify and develop innovative solutions


Products / Services

  • Positioning and messaging

  • Competition and market analysis

  • Launch planning

  • Portfolio analysis

  • Roadmap assessment


  • Customer Lifecycle Strategy

  • Journey orchestration

  • Communications planning

  • KPI establishment


  • Enablement

  • Goal alignment

  • Go-to-market coordination

  • Financial modeling / business justification

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Engaging With Spark Alpha

Three primary phases taken sequentially or as a whole:

  • Discovery & Research

  • Opportunity and gap analysis

  • Recommendation development

  • Executive review

  • Program / project design

  • Resource assessment

  • GTM assessment and planning

  • Timeline development

  • Executive review

  • Project / program office establishment

  • Organizational alignment

  • Executive collaboration

Project Examples

New Market Expansion


Fortune 1000 financial services company looking to access new market / customer segment


Expand market opportunity while avoiding channel conflict and brand cannibalization


Opened new $750M market opportunity while revitalizing corporate-wide sales organization and building incremental revenue for existing channel organization

Spark Alpha Delivers

Optimizing Core Competencies

  • Distribution & Recruitment

  • Enabling Entrepreneurship

Integration and Alignment

  • Channel incentive programs to keep existing Distribution Channel focused on untapped opportunity in Core Market

  • Leverage existing best in class recruitment strategies to attract top talent for new market opportunity

  • Develop opportunities for cross market partnerships

Innovative Solutions

  • Support local client acquisition strategies with marketing support

  • Developed and deploy technology that supports volume allowing distribution to focus on selling

Global Customer Retention


Enterprise e-Commerce software division sunsetting global platform


Coordinate global save initiatives for multi-million dollar book of business


Exceeded retention KPIs through internal and ecosystem programs, customer segmentation, and GTM coordination

Spark Alpha Delivers

Optimizing Core Competencies

  • Customer analysis & segmentation

  • Enabled internal ownership and alignment

  • Global awareness campaign

  • Augment customer incentive programs

Integration and Alignment

  • Global Program Ownership

Innovative Solutions

  • Global positioning & messaging

  • New incentive program for Partners

  • Customer journey orchestration definition and creation

  • Structured, scaled agent programs